Cryptocurrency exchange license

Cryptocurrency in Estonia

As cryptocurrency continues to be claimed as a lucrative sector with large growth space, more jurisdictions are joining and passing laws in favour of this dynamic industry. Estonia is one of them. Due to the profitable legal environment for the regulation of cryptocurrency in Estonia, as well as attractive tax policies.

Application for cryptocurrency exchange license in Estonia

Cryptocurrency exchange license obtaining process in Estonia is controlled and approved by the state law.
In arrange to effectively apply for exchange currency service provider license, to begin with an Estonian private constrained obligation company should be set up. The World Bank positions Estonia 16th in its simplicity of doing business report and Estonia positions 1st within the International Tax Competitiveness Index as there’s no corporate profit tax, no capital tax and no property exchange charges.

Cryptocurrency exchange license is issued by Estonian controller in case taking after data and documets are arranged and submitted within the required manner:

  • ontacts of the candidate company – phone, email, site address
  • information on the people accountable for giving services
  • information on shareholders / shareholders
  • information about the legitimate agent of the company – name, date and place of birth, contact information


Company inward rules for the application of strategies when working with cryptocurrencies and data about the individual accountable for compliance with submitted rules. The document ought to be established in agreement with the standards of the law of the Republic of Estonia certificates verifying the non-criminal background of shareholders / individuals of the board.

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